Who are 'The Sun Followers?'

Singing songs to break, melt, and mend the heart, The Sun Followers are an acoustic vocal harmony duo based in Chico, CA. After 8 years together, Ben Ruttenburg (vocals, guitar) and Samantha Francis (vocals, harmonica, guitar, percussion, tromzoo), have a long and winding love story, as well as a wealth of experience in live music performance ranging from small town community theater stages, to New York City coffee houses, to playing in cover bands for weddings and casinos, and with the lockdowns of 2020, a number of front porches and driveways. The Sun Followers are well-equipped to entertain and enchant any audience, whether it be a large crowd or an intimate gathering. 

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music lessons

samantha francis is accepting new students

"I provide instruction on vocal technique, beginning guitar, piano, harmonica, and flute. Please click on the ‘Book an Appointment’ button below to see my schedule availability. If you do not see a time that works comfortably with your schedule, please contact me via the contact found at my personal website below, so we can negotiate a time that works for us both."


ben's dream bubble

animation studio

It's been a childhood dream and a life-long curiosity that has led Ben toward his dive into the world of stop-motion animation. Click the button below to take a look at some of the projects he's been tinkering around with.



Loki Miller & Ben Ruttenburg are the courageous co-collaborators of the Instrumental Classic Adventure Pop group hench forth to be known as Adventure Brothers!